Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh Joy....

So just about two weeks ago I was up at the church playing some volleyball.  Well, I went for a ball and my left ankle decided not to follow.  It really didn't even hurt but what scared the crap out of me was the undeniable tearing sound I heard.  It all happened on a Tuesday and the next day Saige and Gage had appointments with their eye doctor.  I knew something was wrong when I couldn't even walk down the stairs or simply walk for that matter.  So after the appointment and therapy for Mason I headed over to urgent care.  They took x-rays and found nothing and recommended I follow up with an ortho.  Well we already had a trip to Sea World planned for that weekend and you know stubborn old me I was not going to miss it.  So we went!  I saw a podiatrist last week and on his x-rays he found a fracture and was worried about a tear to the ligament.  So off to get an MRI I went.  I had a follow-up appointment this afternoon and I have torn two out of the three ligaments in my ankle.  So, needless to say surgery will be here sometime in the near future followed by several weeks of rest and therapy.  When asked how long of a recovery we are looking at I was given 2 weeks of no weight bearing in the boot, followed by 4 weeks in the boot, then to a soft cast and still on crutches.  Next comes 9-12 sessions of therapy.  All in all no jogging even for at least 6 months.  

If you haven't guessed by now life has been rough here for the last couple of weeks.  All that I can say is that we would not be making it if it weren't for the help of my mom, dad, and sister. My sister has practically been living here, when she can, and my parents have been filling in for her.  Don't get me wrong, I love having them over and being able to spend time with them, but not under these circumstances.  I feel so helpless.  And to make matters worse, as you all know, we, or maybe I should say, I am homeschooling.  Considering I cannot get around very well it all has been quite challenging lately.  

Just for the record, people are not very nice and/or polite at all to people with crutches or in a wheelchair for that matter!  It has been an eye opening experience for sure.