Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Sensory Room

We will have a room in our new house that we are thinking of dedicating to a sensory room for the children, especially Mason and Saige.  With Mason, we have a good idea of various types of equipment that would work well for him.  With Saige we have no idea.  Perhaps once she starts therapy services we can figure some things out.  Here are some things that I have found so far that I think might work!  First up a tent of some type that way they can have some sort of confinement in as well as bring in a flashlight, books, blanket, etc.  

Next up is some type of swing.  I'm not sure that this one will work because I want him to be able to sit on it and lay on it.  He utilizes this a lot in therapy.  He will have to lay on his tummy and use his muscles to "go fishing" for toys.  Not sure that this particular swing would provide all that he needs.
This next chair I think is cool.  Not only can he go inside it and fold down the canopy but it also swivels.  All of the children love to be pushed around on a desk type chair.
This little trampoline wannabe looks fun and has great reviews.  

I also want to make a stretchy blanket and need to make a weighted blanket.  Also a ball pit will be in the works as both Saige and Mason really benefit from these.  Thinking of doing a little reading corner as well.  I've seen a lot of sensory rooms with lava lamps...that could be relaxing and calming too.  There are so many options.  I know that it probably sounds crazy to be putting all of this into a house, but we really want to create a space that can be utilized by them to help them calm down and hopefully one day they will just go in there on their own and realize that these things help them to calm and regain control of their bodies.  Not to mention that we are looking to find therapy offices that will be closer to our new home and 95% of the OT's are home based.  I really don't want to do home-based because I know that Mason uses the larger equipment that is found in a clinical setting.  This may help in bridging that gap too.


Jenni said...

you are a good mama!

Nicole said...

I don't think it's crazy!! It's wonderful!! There was one of the Home Makeover Shows that they built a room kinda what you are looking for! GOOD LUCK!

JPK said...

I think you are fabulous and it's a wonderful idea. As you go through this journey you are educating all of us too.

Kami said...

My best friend is an OT. I will have to ask her of any goog ones in the west valley.

Kallee said...

Hey girl! I have been thinking about you lately and really miss coming to see you. Your MOVING?? I am so bummed but happy for you. It sounds like your kids will have great opportunities. I Love your new home and all the fun ideas your have for mason:). WE should get together before you leave!

Jeanerbee said...

I think EVERYONE should have a sensory room! In our neat and tidy suburban lives we often forget that all kids need movement, mess, and sensory experiences to help them grow.... we have a tiny house but our dining area is our "sensory space" with a small trampoline, indoor slide, a "crash pad" and hopes/plans to put in a ball pit just out of a tall cardboard box... wish we had room for a swing too! =)